Wednesday, May 2, 2012

nine months

Your turned nine months old yesterday! On Monday, you were 40 weeks old which means we have had you for longer than I was pregnant. I have to say, these 40 weeks with you have been much more enjoyable for me:)
How fast the time continues to go. These have been nine months of pure joy for us. There are new things that we find to love about you each and every day! We already can't imagine what life would be like without you.

You have grown so much over the last over the last month. Sometimes we can even see glimpses of what you will look like as a little boy. You are no longer a little baby, you're now a big baby but just as cute and even more snuggly.

You still hate solid foods. We've tried everything out there at this point and while you might put it in your mouth for a taste, you quickly spit it out. Picky and stubborn. It is quite funny in the moment, but your doctor is concerned and is sending us to speech therapy for some help.

I love to hear your little voice in the backseat of the car. Your high pitched "da" is the sweetest thing I hear each day. Really, hearing your little voice anytime of day is what I love:)

You love to play and we love to watch you play. You are constantly moving and exploring, picking things up, and of course putting them in your mouth! When we play with you, we love to do things like blow on your belly and neck to get you to squeal and giggle. 

You still crawl like spiderman but you can get places fast! Sometimes, you will push up on your hands and knees and take a few crawls but you know that you can get places faster with the belly crawl.

You have already shown favoritism to some of your toys! You love monkey, the books "Mommy Hugs" and "Daddy Cuddles," your guitar, sophie, and obviously your elephant paci.

Pulling up is one of your favorite things to do. Daddy started helping you with this so long ago and would take your hands and ask "want to do our thing?" And you would look at him, grin, and practice standing up like you completely understood what he was saying. Now you're not only pulling up on our hands, but the crib, toys, furniture, the wall, everything. You love standing up so much that you will stand until your legs give out and shake as you try to stand some more. Then you get frustrated because you can't stand up anymore!

The newest trick that you do is patting your hand over your mouth as you say "aahhhhhhh" like a little indian. If we do this first, you'll move our hands to your mouth and even start saying "aahhh" before we begin patting your mouth. You began doing this yourself with a pat, but now you do it with two hands and a very concentrated look on your face...

Your favorite things to do are exploring around the house, going on long walks, swinging at the park, grocery shopping, going to the mall, any of the fun things daddy comes up with to do with you, and going to church.

And you are so in love with Piper.

We have lots of nicknames for you: jackjack, ja-jack, cutie baby, sweetie baby, snuggle bug, snuggie buggie, little lovey.

You love to snuggle and you would probably be completely happy if I carried you all day long. One of my favorite times of the day is rocking you and snuggling before your naps and bedtimes. Such sweet moments.

We had your 9 month checkup with Dr. Harbaugh on the 1st and here are your stats:
18lbs 15oz - 38th%
27.5in - 18th%
18.25in head circumference 87th%

Our 9 month favorites

You bring so much happiness into our lives. We miss you when you go to bed at night and whenever we have to be away from you but we talk about you & think about you constantly in those instances! We love each new adventure with you and we look forward to so many more.

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