Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our week in Instagram {April 9-15}

A quick recap of last week.

Monday, April 9
Jjr woke up at 5:45 that morning. Since we were up early, we went ahead and did our grocery run. This boy loves Publix- the people, so much to look at, and riding in the cart.

So proud of his new sitting up trick that he'd rather do that than nap.

Tuesday, April 10
It was supposed to be nap time...

Wednesday, April 11
Dressed for church in his Cape Town tshirt that cousin Catherine brought home from her semester in South Africa. 

Thursday, April 12
Spending the afternoon with Mrs. Amy, Brendan and Colin. I meet them at Colin's soccer practice to pick Jack up. He loves this little elmo phone that they have-he wouldn't even look up at me when I got there!
Friday, April 13
Didn't take any pics this day, we spent the day at the mall (one of Jack's favorite places) and running errands.

Saturday, April 14
I woke up, looked at the monitor, saw that he was standing up and ran in to get him!

This is his favorite part of the Baby Einstein DVD, the cow...

and the doggie. He lets out a HUGE laugh!

We have these Laugh and Learn Homes in the church nursery and Jack LOVES them. After I saw him playing with one and heard from Mrs. Jane (who keeps Jack while I teach ballet) that he loves to ring the doorbell, I decided that we just had to have one for home. But, I looked them up on Amazon and couldn't believe the price - $120. Woah. Instead I decided to search Craig's List. I've never bought anything on that site before but now was the time to try. There was ONE Laugh and Learn Home and it just happened to be about 9 miles away from our house.

I emailed the owner and worked out a pickup for the next day. The Laugh and Learn Home was in almost perfect condition, had all it's little pieces, everything worked, and the best part was that we only paid $30 for it! 

I had so much fun going to get it. John said it's a little taste of what Christmas and birthdays will be like with him. He also said that it's a gift to us because it keeps Jack occupied:)

When I got home with it, Jack stared at it while I carried it in, watched while I cleaned it off, and when John let him loose, he crawled straight over to it and started ringing the door bell!

now he wants to stand up everywhere

Sunday, April 15
John's 30th Birthday! 
(I'm trying to convince JSr. to take us to NYC {I need to see Newsies!} for our 30th birthdays, but he says Vegas- we'll see if either of us wins this discussion)

Jack dressed for church

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Grandmommy Amy wanted to see Jack needed to hand deliver preschool ballerina tutus so I could hand them out to my girls for the upcoming recital. She drove over Sunday morning and brought Jane along with her. They got to see Jack and John & I got to go out for birthday dinner.

We chose our favorite sushi place, Pearl Lian. We've only had takeout from them so we decided to try dining in for a change. The food was amazing as always and the interior of the restaurant was beautiful. We will definitely be back and decided that it will be a great place to take friends and family who are visiting from out of town.

ordering the sushi

love the saki servers. must find some for our house.

Thanks Gran and Grandmommy Amy for letting us have a date night!

A quick visit with the grandmas. So good to see them but so sad that they had to leave so soon.

Grandmommy Amy

Bruster's ice cream cake (which I secretly picked up while I was picking up the Laugh and Learn home Saturday night). This might possibly be John's favorite part of having a birthday. Have I told you that he wanted his Groom's cake to be an ice cream cake?

Sweet snuggle bug lays his head on your shoulder when he's tired. And he was REALLY tired Sunday night...church, potluck lunch, grandmas, daddy's birthday, and only one nap.

A great ending to another amazing week. 


Carla said...

Love reading the week in review posts! We might have to drive all the way to your side of town to try your sushi place.

Miranda said...

That house is so cute, love how he rings the doorbell!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Yay for things that entertain the babies- those phones are always a hit & awesome that he loves the Baby Einstein and the house- great deal!

Love Pearl Lian...my office was across the street so we would go there every now and then. The pizza place in that shopping center is delicious too.

And birthday vacay, yay!