Monday, April 2, 2012

March Photo A Day

After jumping in on a few of the February photo a day topics, I decided to join in on the fun and try to complete the March photo a day challenge. I love anything photo related and this was a great way to help me snap pics of moments and objects that I wouldn't normally think about capturing.

Day 1: up
Taking a break from playing with his books to look up for a pic.

Day 2: fruit
My favorite!

Day 3: Your Neighborhood.
A walk with Jack through the neighborhood.
Day 4: Bedside

Day 5: a smile. The best way to start the day

Day 6: 5pm. STILL hates solid food

Day 7: Something you wore. Darlybird earrings.
Jack also had to share something he wore....

Day 8: window. View from my car window on my once a week commute home from bulkhead.
This is my 5th year to choreograph the play for Ridgeview Charter School.
Day 9: red. Our Alabama load of red laundry, in an elephant hamper, washed in Tide:)

Day 10: loud. Pink tulle for mom to make tutus for my loud and crazy ballerinas.
Day 11: someone you talked to. Parkway kids during the children's sermon.
Day 12: fork.
Addicted to Publix Tarragon Chicken Salad ever since my friend Jenni brought this to me for lunch soon after Jack was born.
Day 13: a sign. A Samford sign.

Day 14: clouds. Clouds from our back porch.
Day 15: car
Bama sticker on my car.
First one I've been brave enough to put on after my car was keyed at a wedding in Athens (GA) a few years ago.

Day 16: Sunglasses. Wearing our sunnies to the park.
Day 17: green
Happy St Patty's Day!

Day 18: a corner of your home
Day 19: funny.
Funny faces for bananas (he didn't like these either!)
Day 20: before/after
Our bedroom. Before pic is from the real estate listing. After is what we've done. As of now, our bedroom and Jack's room are the only spots that we've decorate the way we want.
Day 21: delicious
Delicious little baby rolls
Day 22: kitchen sink
Packing up everything but the kitchen sink for our Thursday afternoon activities.
Jack goes to play with his friends Brendan and Colin while I go down to Buckhead to do choreography for a middle school play.
Day 23: moon
Goodnight Moon. Love this pic.
Day 24: an animal
Jack was petting Piper and stopped to play. Piper asks him to continue.
The first time she's ever done that.
so Jack pets her again

Day 25: breakfast
My favorite part of breakfast
Day 26: key
Castle key bottle opener.
Day 27: your name
ID bracelet John gave me while we were dating in High School.
Day 28: trash
Goodwill donations. One person's trash is another's treasure.

Day 29: feet
Baby feet ready for spring

Day 30: toy
Currently Jack's favorite toy (from Elliana and her mommy & daddy!)
A guitar that plays rock versions of skip to my lou.

Day 31: where you relax
Yoga (wall display at Johns Creek Yoga) and Shopping (Lenox Mall Anthro)

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