Tuesday, April 3, 2012

8 Months {April 1}

Sweetie baby boy is 8 months old now. Another month of firsts and fun has gone by. I mourn the passing days because I love each stage so much. But at the same time I rejoice because every day truly gets better and better.

Here's what's up with Jack these days...
4 teeth. 2 on bottom, & 2 that have just poked through on the top. And- when he yawned the other day I saw several white bumps trying to poke through his gums in other spots.

He shows preference to toys. This guitar being his current favorite.

Is so cute with his elephant paci and we're so glad that we've prevented thumb sucking.

sweet eyes

Still has NO interest in solid food. He MIGHT take one bite a day. Mommy's milk is still his favorite.

Shows happiness with a pat- he'll pat you or a toy and that's how you know he's pleased with something.

patting his monkey

patting the cart - buybuy Baby is so fun!
Little j is seriously on the move but always goes for the things he can't have! I sat him in the glider 3 different times during the day to try to get his 8 month pic. I would snap 2 pictures and then he'd be trying to crawl off the chair. Funny enough, the VERY FIRST pic that I took is the one that ended up being our favorite. After all that trouble!

He still continues to be a high maintenance baby- no more colic but he still gets frustrated and bored easily. Most of the time this can only be cured by getting him out of the house, even if it's a quick run to Publix where we buy a few bananas! Anything to get out of the house. We definitely have a social baby.
being social at buybuy Baby
got lots of attention (and pictures taken!) at Target with these bunny ears
Jack loves to jabber.  dadadadada, mamamama, bababababa. And make noises with his mouth and tongue.
     Friday morning of last week (march 30), I had just finished feeding jack and we were playing in bed while John got ready for work. Before John left (as he always does) he came to talk to jack for a minute. As they played, jack so sweetly and distinctly looked at John and said "da."Intentional? We have no idea. But it was the first and only time so far that he's done that.
making noises

He loves beats, rhythms, noises you make with your mouth, and especially singing. Hopefully he'll get his musical talents from his daddy.

Our little guy is a mama's boy through and through. It makes me so happy so I'll enjoy it while it lasts:)

More of our 8 month favorites
here he was patting doggie

look at those top teethies!

Happy 8 months little lovey!

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Carla said...

You have the most photogenic baby in the history of cute, photogenic babies.