Friday, March 16, 2012

Time for baby proofing!

I'm so not ready for baby proofing.  So we've been avoiding it and are taking the "deal with it as we go " approach. We've started by covering the outlets and moving cords but that's about it. I've also started vacuuming once a week instead of never, ha.

Watch our little worm baby.  He's so determined.  And at the end of this video, he does his fake cough.

Time for Baby Proofing! from Rebecca Orton on Vimeo.


Carla said...

Carlton and I love it! Carlton has watched it twice now and says, "Dat's a funny bideo."

Amy Penny said...

I hadn't seen him scoot yet! Nate watched with me and said "Jack says "cough, cough, cough" and "aww, Jack is so cute!" Everybody loves Jack :)