Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jack at 6 months {professional pics}

Just got Jack's 6 Month Session gallery (password: happyjack) back from our photographer.

We planned to have Elizabeth come to our house this time since we assumed that it would be freezing outside.  However, the weather was beautiful in the days leading up to our session (like a few 70 degree days!) and we got excited. Then it rained Friday night before our session and was 30 degrees on Saturday morning. Of course! The exact same thing happened to us for his 3 month session, which resulted in Jack being very somber for his pictures at Webb Bridge Park.

The only picture I REALLY wanted outside was Jack in a diaper in the elephant basket (which I had been searching for since last June!). So...Elizabeth went outside first, set up the basket, and when it was ready I ran outside with Jack and plopped him in it. He didn't even seem to care about how cold it was, just looked around seriously. She didn't get any smiles out of him there so we just may have to try that one again at 9 months. Even so, there are so many great shots of him and Elizabeth's editing is just beautiful. 
I can't even choose favorites this time, they're all incredible.  
Although, this one is pretty great:

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