Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am currently....

Citizens Jeans

Old Navy bag

Flowy tops


Essie Chinchilly

Darlybird earrings

Listening to 
Gavin Degraw...although I'm a little annoyed that he's on Dancing with the Stars. Seems like he's just trying to sell albums.  Traditionally he hasn't been that mainstream.

Pizza bagels
A simple recipe our chef friend introduced us to: we use Publix bakery bagels, Publix mozzarella, Prego marinara sauce, and Hormel pepperoni.  So easy and so delicious.

Anthro dress


The River

Bethenny & other reality! (Housewives, Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor)

Up All Night
so so so funny.  totally our life, too.


Initial thoughts for Jack's first birthday party!
Currently tossing around theme ideas 
We'll have it on the Saturday after his birthday, August 4th
A zoo theme is one possibility

Easter crafts for church kids

Really want to figure out how to make our built-ins look good

Counting the days until
Grandmommy Amy comes to visit during her spring break next week!

Jack's first beach trip!

Gulf Shores

Jack is currently loving
B Toys blocks

Teething tablets
They really do seem to work.  Much better than orajel, too!

He grins so big when we pull her out

Currently John
finally let me buy him a pair of Toms

is obsessed with March Madness (per the usual) and may even get to go see his Cats play next week!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Fever

I'm ready for shorts and wedges. Who else is with me?

Anthro top, cheap white shorts (because we all know they'll only last so long!) tory burch shoes and bag, floppy hat, H&M earrings, chinchilly, and topped off by some cute Burberry sunniesSpring Fever

Friday, March 16, 2012

Time for baby proofing!

I'm so not ready for baby proofing.  So we've been avoiding it and are taking the "deal with it as we go " approach. We've started by covering the outlets and moving cords but that's about it. I've also started vacuuming once a week instead of never, ha.

Watch our little worm baby.  He's so determined.  And at the end of this video, he does his fake cough.

Time for Baby Proofing! from Rebecca Orton on Vimeo.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blingy Bling

Linking up with Amy for Show Off Your Bling!

I'm not a big jewelry person. My engagement & wedding rings are usually all I accessorize with on a daily basis. I feel like that diamond is all i need (although I'm sure if I could afford more I would wear them too!) Most of the time I'll wear simple earrings, sometimes a necklace, but I prefer to have clothes over jewelry. So there are only a few pieces in my jewelry box that are really important to me.

Engagement and Wedding Rings
John proposed on November 13, 2005, more about that in this post -the day after the LSU/Bama game- that's how I always remember the anniversary of our engagement!

We did a little bit of looking together but ultimately he picked this ring out himself and it was more than I had ever hoped for, I love it so much. A round center diamond, 2 marquis diamonds on each side, and 1 baguette on each side.

We planned to use his paternal grandparents wedding rings (both deceased) but his parents couldn't find his grandmothers ring. So John has his grandfathers ring and he then had my wedding ring made to look exactly like his grandmothers. (had to crop out my burned & blistered fingers from making Jack's first baby food-hazards of trying to do the best thing!)

Diamond Necklace
After my parents divorced, my mom had her diamond engagement ring made into a necklace for me and gave it to me on my 21st birthday. I reminds me of my mom and how selfless she is, instead of selling the diamond like she could have done, she had something special made for me.

And then there's my "push" present for bringing little Jack Jack into the world. The least valuable monetarily but perhaps the most valuable sentimentally. John wanted to do something for me on this occasion and we tossed around the idea of different types of jewelry but ultimately I wanted something that was specific to Jack and would remind me or anyone who saw it of him. A pearl, a baby feet medallion, and a medallion with jack's name. I immediately wanted to put this on in the hospital after we got Jack, it truly did and still does mean so much to me. I wore it pretty much every day for several months!