Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Week of Firsts

When people say that babies do something new every day, they really do mean it.
Here's what Jack's been up to in the last few days:
February 10 - started clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth.  And thinks it's hilarious when you do the same.
February 13- started talking A LOT!  It's "babbabababaaa" all the time!
February 15 - first tooth popped through his gums- the bottom left.
Also sat in a shopping cart for the first time.
February 16 - John wore Jack in the Baby Bjorn for the first time.
February 18 - LOVES peek a boo!
February 19 - second tooth popped through his gums- the bottom right.
Sat in a high chair for the first time out to dinner.
February 20 - managed to get his foot in his mouth!

The week of firsts includes John and me too! We purchased our first car together. Not the timing that we had planned out (as often seems to happen to us!) but not too far out from when we were going to do this.  Libby stranded Jack and me two too many times and was going to cost us half of what a new car would be in repairs.  We were hoping to hold on to her so we could have two cars that could transport Jack but unfortunately John still has to keep driving my red cavalier for the time being.

It was a fun and exhausting day and Jack was a trooper through it all. Except for his blowout diaper which required changing even his clothes on the dealership's conference table.  Of course he would do that!

After a long day of car shopping, Jack passed out sitting up in John's lap while we signed papers.

Goodbye Libby:(  We had some great memories with you!
John got Libby in his last year of college, so he's had her for almost 9 years.

Our new (to us) Traverse
Her name is still under discussion.
Some pics from the last week or so...

First time sitting in the shopping cart.  Maybe loved it more than shopping in the baby bjorn!

Love these little baseball butt pants, which were a hand me down from Jack's best bud, Cole.

February 16

February 19

Sunday was quite possibly the happiest day of his life so far.  One of his Sunday School teachers (Mrs. Jan) said he was the best he's ever been for her!  He continued to be that great for us all day long.  Maybe we have FINALLY moved on from colic?!

 Learning to play the djembe (John bought that drum on our honeymoon in Jamaica)

Dinner at one of our favorite Johns Creek spots- Twisted Taco - a yummy Atlanta chain.  If you go, try the twisted queso.  
We spent our gift card from the Jacklantans' 1st place trivia win a few weeks ago!  Thank goodness for my mom and John's dad- they were the real reason we won!

February 20 
 29 weeks

See the little teethies?

Got his foot in his mouth!  And as one of the weekday preschool teachers told me today- men continue to find a way to do that for the rest of their lives. ha!


Miranda said...

Love the new car! I am debating between a traverse or an equinox. That is hilarious about having to change Jack's diaper on the conference table (it will be a good story to tell him in a few years).

Rebecca said...

Thanks! We had the same debate. In the end the equinox wasn't big enough to carry baby, dog, and luggage. And I think the traverse gets better gas mileage. We are in love with it!