Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top Ten {Tuesday}- Being a Mommy

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Top Ten Things I Love About Being A Mommy

1. I'm not as selfish.
I used to say that I wasn't ready to have a baby because I was too selfish. And that was true. I didn't want to give up monthly trips to Anthropologie or all the weekend fun with John or living in Brookhaven. We also had several vacation spots we were still eyeing, one more trip to NYC, Vegas for our 30th birthdays, and the biggest of those was one more trip overseas. I couldn't imagine not having all of that or wanting to give it up for a baby. Since J.jr. decided to make his arrival earlier than we had planned, I was a little disappointed in losing our life as we knew it for the first few months of pregnancy.

But, on the day that Jack made his appearance, all of that changed. It didn't matter and still doesn't.  One day we'll get back to that vacation list and I'll get to shop more often. For now I'm enjoying my new found love for Baby Gap and John commenting "Is that new?" about Jack's clothes instead of mine (or maybe it's just that he doesn't notice my new clothes because of the cute baby.ha).

2. Providing
I guess this is one of those instincts that kicks in when you have a baby. We love taking care of J.jr., loving, feeding, bathing, changing, dressing, playing with him, etc. I'm LIKE to put $ in his 529 for college every month because I don't want him to spend 5 years paying off his student loans like I had to do. We want to give him everything he needs and it doesn't feel like a burden.

3. Appreciate my parents
I have a newfound appreciation for my parents and all parents out there. Having a baby is hard work and the what-to-do doesn't always come as easily as I thought it would... e.g. what kind of squash do you use to make baby food? spaghetti? butternut? yellow? These are major dilemmas! Much more than that parents do so much for their children and you truly cannot understand it until you have a child on your own. I remember people telling me how much my mom gave up over the years but I didn't understand it all until now. And I'm very grateful. Love you mom!

4. Love
Everyone says that you experience a love like you've never known when you see your baby for the first time. It's impossible to comprehend something like this unless you actually experience it. It is so true. Our hearts grew the night of August 1st, larger than we knew was possible. And it feels like they grow bigger every day.

5. Content
I have looked forward to the day that I would have children since at least early in high school. I think kids are wonderful, so wonderful that I chose children's ministry as my profession. Having one of my own makes me feel more complete as a person and in our little family.

6. Fun
Jack does bring a lot fun into our lives, not just hard work! It's fun to dress him, shop for him, love on him, and just be with him. He brings a lot of joy to us. Watching him hit the milestones is exciting. Seeing that little smile can brighten anyone's day.

7. Age Doesn't Matter
At least right now it doesn't! I was so stressed about turning 30. Until Jack got here and then it really didn't matter. I have so much to be thankful for at this point in life. A job at a great church, good friends, amazing family, then Jack is the icing on the cake:)  I think turning 29 was much harder!

8. Relationships
As I've said before, Jack makes us want to be better people.  He makes me want to strengthen all my relationships- friends, family, work. But most of all I want to be the best wife I can be to John and the best Mom I can be to Jack. I want jr to have the best experience possible in this world and I know that the caliber of parents that we are for him will directly influence that experience.

9. The Future
These first 6 (almost 7) months have been amazing. Sometimes I sit and think about all the things that are yet to come. Many more milestones for J.jr- crawling, walking, talking... and fun things to do with him: soccer games, baseball games, school projects, taking him to Braves and Alabama games, and so many more! Can't wait to see all the things the future holds for us:)

10. Stinkin Cute
I get to see this every day...

I'm sure I could probably come up with another 10 things that I love about being a mommy.  But these are the things that stand out to me right now!  Maybe in a few months it will change or be the Top Ten HARDEST Things About Being A Mommy.  For now I choose to think about my favorite things:)

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Oh my! That photo of you seeing him after he was born is just beautiful!