Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February with Jack

February 1 - 6 months old

After some frustration with the high chair pieces being labeled wrong, we got the highchair put together in anticipation of starting solids.

February 2
Another cute hand me down from Jack's buddy Cole. Cole wore this one day during our Pandamania VBS last summer.

February 3
Getting so good at sitting up!

Nap time after daddy came home from work.

The beginnings of Jack's first cold or teeth. When he got mad, he blew nose bubbles.

loves pipey

Bathtime is one of his favorite times of the day

February 4

Annual Chili Cook-off at Parkway on the Saturday before the Super Bowl
Jack wore his Falcons sleeper for the occasion

Love from Mrs. Carla and Carlton

Being social with Dr. Jim

February 5
Super Bowl Sunday
What else to wear to church but Elephants and footballs?

Jack and Cole matching in their red gingham

a little photo shoot on the back porch after we got home from church

the closest I got to a smile until daddy came outside...


Yay! Daddy's home!

and he continued to give huge grins!

February 6
Bathtime before his weekly pic and 6 month checkup later that afternoon

27 weeks

Waiting to see Dr. Harbaugh. 6 month stats here.

February 7

First tastes of cereal from John's childhood Louisville Stoneware bowl


February 8
Dressed for Wednesday night church

daddy's idea...

February 9

we torture him

new fun thing to do with daddy

February 10
don't be fooled, he's not smiling because the cereal was good!

"Angel" gown, named by Carlton

February 11

February 13

28 weeks

February 14
The most special Valentine's Day yet
And yes, I did find and elephant "Baby Boy's 1st Valentine's Day" card!


February 15
An outfit from Aunt Mamie!

Decided to try out the shopping cart cover for the first time. 
Here at CVS. He LOVED it!

We also had to go to Publix where he loved it some more!

February 16
love these little baseball butt pants from Cole

Afternoon naps for everybody

Our friend Joel told us that he realized that he never carried either of his boys in the baby bjorn. So we decided that we needed to make that happen for John. After work, we met John at Publix.

February 17
His expression in these next 3 pictures is killing me. He knows how cute he is.

Peek a boo with daddy. There is a video of this. It's too funny.

February 18

February 19
home from church

Sunday afternoon naps

Sunday night visit to Twisted Taco. This was one of those disaster out to eat experiences. Jack was fussy throughout the whole meal. We basically had to eat, pay, and run. Worth a try, though.

djembe lesson from daddy

February 20

eating his feet for the first time

Today was a work holiday so we went car shopping!

29 weeks

two little teethies are here!

February 22
He does enjoy playing with his own spoon

Even though I'm planning and collecting things to make Jack a real scrapbook, I did finally buy him one of those fill-in-the-blank baby books.

Wednesday night dinner at church. Visiting with Mr. Lance and his boys.

Carlton giving hugs

had to put the hat on one last time before I packed it away:(

Aunt Mamie sent me such a sweet note to ask me to be her Maid of Honor on October 13! I am honored and beyond thrilled to have this special role. John will be a groomsman and Jack will get to be one of the ring bearers!

February 24
Moby wrap day

his eyes get extra sweet when he has that paci in


Grandmommy Amy and Gran came for a visit

Skype with Aunt Mamie

This was also the weekend that we started sleep training. We were so scared. The only reason we actually went through with it was probably because the grandmas were here! We were terrified that Jack would cry for hours when in reality he cried for 15 minutes max. He really just wanted us to let him sleep. And he wanted to sleep on his belly...

February 25

Grandmommy Amy gives the cereal a try

Dinner at CPK. Sleepy baby.

February 26
We were all so excited to find Mrs. Jane Hull at Parkway on Sunday morning. Jack was glad that he finally got to meet her!

February 27
31 weeks
possibly the best smile I've ever gotten during the doggie pics...

this is how Jack likes to sleep sometimes. scary. the dr. did tell us to go in and roll him over when he is sleeping face down.

so hard to wake up

February 28
Jack slept from 9:30pm-8am (the first time that we didn't hear a peep!) and was so smiley when I went in to get him that morning!

Loving the new way to shop

February 29
We gave the rice cereal 3 weeks and tried oatmeal cereal for a week and he never got the hang of eating either. So we thought that maybe he would enjoy veggies. Decided to start with butternut squash... 

and it ended in disaster for me with a burned hand as I was pouring the squash into containers:( It doesn't look all that bad but the pain was excruciating for at least a couple of days. Thankfully, my friend Amy had some burn cream on hand that she so sweetly brought to me! I would have been miserable without it.

That sums up February. So many firsts and so much fun with our little guy.

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