Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6 months. What a gift.

While I was pregnant, I signed up for several emails that filled me in on the development of the baby growing inside me (thebump, fit pregnancy, and my personal fav Northside Hospital's Parent Review). It was exciting to read about the amazing development of that tiny life and I also enjoyed getting tips about staying healthy during pregnancy.

I still get those weekly emails. Now they have followed jack's weekly development from birth. Since he can't tell us what's going on in his little brain and body (which we wish was possible on most days!) it's been fun to read about what might be happening.

Last week, the 26 week email told me that we are now "halfway to his first birthday." Can't believe it. I'm definitely still all emotional about him so I teared up when I read that. I've been trying so hard to soak up every minute with him but time still seems to be flying by.  From the moment I saw him, all I wanted to do was hold him and never let go.  And for a good couple months (while I was on maternity leave) that really is all that I did- even through the hours of colicky crying.  Jack still loves to snuggle and has even started giving me kisses, he grabs my face, pulls in, opens his mouth and kisses.  It's so sweet.

 It's been a lot of work to have a high maintenance baby like him, but his sweetness makes all the work worth it.

We are so lucky to have you. Your daddy caught me saying this to you once when I didn't know he was listening. We both agree that it so accurately describes the way that we feel about you. A precious gift that we are lucky enough to call ours.

Everything changed when you came into our lives six months ago. When we caught our first glimpse of your tiny little self, we both melted. Neither of us had any idea the level of love we would feel for you. From that second, we knew we would do anything and everything to love you and take care of you. It's been an incredible journey so far.

In these short few months with you, we have learned new levels of love, devotion, and sacrifice. You make us want to be better people, friends, spouses, and most of all parents.  We have often been so overwhelmed with those feelings of love that all we can do is cry tears of joy. You're our little angel. A gift.

We soak up every sweet smile, coo, cry, and giggle and wish we could freeze all the special moments with you.  But we also look forward to all the wonderful things to come.
We love you "to the moon and back," our cutie little baby.

Happy 6 months baby Jack.  Mommy and Daddy love you so so much!

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