Sunday, November 20, 2011

October with Jack

Keeping up a blog has not been a lot harder than I thought it would be!  Can't believe it's already January and I'm still trying to catch up!
The month began with Jack's first weekend trip to Huntsville.  A normally 3 hour drive took us 6.5 hours, wow. It has now become a major production to go to Huntsville.  
Being the touchy baby that he is, we decided that it would be best for Jack if we camped out at the Orton's house and let everyone come to us.  It worked really well for all of us.
October 1
Brenda and Bubba 

Great Grandma Catherine enjoying Jack's little feet

Duffy, Keithie, and Anna 

Aunt Becky

 October 2

First time to go to church! That meant first time in the nursery, too.  We were so nervous and it was really hard to leave him!  We weren't worried about the care he would receive but about how much crying he would do.  But apparently he was just a perfect angel!

Mrs. Cindy in the nursery with Jack

Great Uncle Bubba rocking while Jack throws a fit (pretty sure it was because he saw the big AU on Uncle Bubba's shirt. haha)

Uncle Michael


Heading back to Atlanta.  This time it only took 4.5 hours.  Much better!

Smiles for Daddy

October 3

9 weeks

October 4 
Grandad John and Nana came to visit for the week

October 5
First time in the nursery at Parkway with Mrs. Brandy.  She had the magic touch and got him to sleep:)

October 6

October 7

Aunt Stephanie was in town from St. Louis for a conference so we went to meet her and have lunch!  It was so great to see her and catch up.

Ready for kick off!

October 9

October 10
first attempt to nap in the crib

10 weeks

Waiting for Dr. Harbaugh at Jack's 2 month check up
12 lbs (46th%)
23.75 inches (75th%)
15.75 head circumference (50th%)

have you ever watched a baby get his shots?  I promise it's the saddest thing ever.  We swear Jack holds his breath for 30 seconds after getting pricked:(

Holding daddy's ring

October 11

October 12

Our friend Joel (Nate and Cole's daddy), holding Jack at Wednesday night church dinner.

October 13

October 14

little munchkin

getting so good at tummy time!

First time out to eat as a family - Mellow Mushroom.

October 15

Practicing his roooooolllll tide roll!

smiling at daddy

October 16
notice the crossed legs...

October 17 
11 weeks

at baby gap (my new favorite store)- trying on a chuyo like daddy.  It was too big for this year, wish I had bought it for next year!    

October 18
sleeping peacefully at Mrs. Amy's while mommy teaches preschool ballet

October 19

October 20

October 21

October 22
My 30th birthday
Not as traumatic as I once thought it would be.  Only because of this little guy:)  Nothing else really matters all that much anymore.

October 23

Ready for church

October 24
12 weeks 

Trying on the hospital cap before packing it away. Crazy how much his head has grown!

 October 25

October 26
Trunk or Treat
We love Halloween and were excited to have a new family member to help us with a theme this year.
Snow White, Sleepy, and Grumpy.  And he definitely acted the part.
Grandmommy Amy made the costumes, she is so talented.  She spent a lot of time on them so we were glad to be able to wear them twice this year!
I was not near as diligent about getting pics as I used to be! Jack made that a lot harder!

Amy and Cole


Mackenzie and Will

 Abbey, one of my preschool ballerinas

Marie. hilarious.

Caroline and Kate.  
"Say cheese, Kate"
"no, no cheese:("


Not grumpy once we got home!

October 27

Reading his Halloween card from Aunt Mamie

October 28
going for a walk in the baby bjorn. he loves this thing now that he can face out!

smiling at his poppy
Everyone came into town for Jack's baby dedication

October 29
making cute faces in the morning

morning exercises with Gran

chillin' in his new Kentucky hat

October 30
Passed out with Great Grandma Catherine after baby dedication and lunch.

Great Grandma Betty

October 31
13 weeks

Happy Halloween!


    Another great month with Jack!  
This one went by in a blink because I started back working from home. While that has been the most wonderful thing, learning to work at home was definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be.  As my friend Jodie warned me, I feel a lot of guilt in both directions- if I'm playing with Jack I feel guilty because I have work to do but if I'm working I feel guilty that I'm not spending time with Jack.  I guess there's a balance somewhere in there that I'll have to find!

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