Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January with Jack

January 1
5 months old
Since it was a holiday, Daddy got to help with this shoot. Of course he made sure Jack had perfectly combed hair!

Some of our favorites

January 3

January 4

loves to lay in daddy's lap like this, and always has from day 1.

had to get some crying pics


January 5

January 6
sweet pea

little snuggle bug

January 7
Aunt Mamie's idea- after he eats (since we can't lay him down because of his reflux) put him in the bumbo and pull him up to his tree top friends!

John had to show Jack that the lion puppet could move and now he gets so upset when it doesn't dance on its own!

bath time is still so much fun!

January 8
Ready for church on Sunday before the National Championship!

trying to crawl

Rolling over....


January 9
23 weeks
Doggie wanted to dress for the occasion, too.

also getting ready for Braves season in this pic...

loves to make noises with his tongue and lips

Game time!

as Aunt Mary said... Roll Thighs Roll

Thanks to the exersaucer and jumpy we were able to actually watch the game!

Since we won, everyone got new National Championship tshirts and Jack even has a "My First Championship" onesie!

January 12

Jack's first and only snow so far!
In another of the first outfits I bought for him while I was pregnant.

getting better at sitting up!

January 14

finally took a pic of jack's first craft with Mrs. Brandy's help

January 16 
24 weeks - John had MLKjr day and was able to help with pics again! It's so much easier to get a smiley pic with someone else helping.  And little J's hair always gets combed.

January 17

Daddy is so funny
January 18
finally got around to taking pics in the santa diapers

so sweet with his elephant paci - and still taking every nap in the swing.

Jack spends Thursday afternoons with Mrs. Amy and his big boy friends Brendan and Colin while I go down to Buckhead to do choreography for a middle school play.
Love that he's smiling in this one!

January 19
Gran, Poppy, and Grandmommy Amy all came into town and we went to dinner at Twisted Taco (one of our favorite atlanta spots).  They happened to be having trivia that night so we decided to play.  We were winning at half time and there was no way we were leaving after we found out that the winning prize was a $50 gift card!
It really was a group effort as each person knew at least one answer that no one else knew.  Although my mom and Billy were really the ones that won it for us!
We named our team the "Jacklantans" and Jack turned in each answer for us.  Here he is accepting his prize:

January 20
Trying out smashburger. It was ok. Not near as good as Five Guys.

January 21

January 22
home from church

January 23
25 weeks
The letters were falling off this onesie that someone gave us before Jack ever got to wear it. But Grandmommy Amy saved the day and stitched them back on!

sometimes the only way I get smiles on Monday mornings is to let Piper run around in front of him.

January 24
Gowns are still our favorite. This one is from Baby Gap - theirs are by far the softest.

Jack loves to be nekkie more than anything...

Jack is obsessed with Pipey.  Always laughs at her and wants to get her!

January 25
Out to lunch with the church staff. Jim has become like a grandfather to Jack.

I try to text a pic of Jack to the fam every day...this was the one from 1.25

J wore his cute little velvet baby blazer to church on Wednesday night

January 26
loves giving kissies

looking like a big baby!

January 27
loves Publix. This is how we shop. You wouldn't believe how many friends Jack has made this way.

and usually ends up like this before the trip is over!

cute little baseball butt
Love these little pants that he inherited from Cole.

nighttime snuggles

January 28

Jack's first pair of J's. Found these at Marshall's and couldn't resist.

January 29
have to always get a pic in his church outfit!

high chair is ready!

January 30
26 weeks

January 31

Mrs. Jane plays and snuggles with Jack on Tuesday afternoons while I teach Preschool Ballet

playdate with Savannah and Kelly

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