Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

Our first Christmas with Jack.  Exhausting but so very special. I can think of so many moments that I wish I had taken pictures of, but this trip had me so exhausted that I had a hard time being on top of the photo ops all the time.

The best gift you could possible put under a tree!
December 15

Christmas outfit #1
December 18

Christmas outfit #2
December 19
Found this cute 1st Christmas outfit at Janie and Jack at Phipps on the day that we found out we were having a boy!

loves to buzz his lips

December 23


We had fun decorating for Christmas this year after being without decorations for a couple years.  While we were in our Brookhaven apartment, we sent all our Christmas decorations home to Huntsville since we had ZERO storage at Post Glen.  

December 24
Our family Christmas

Jack looked at all of his gifts and touched everything.  So sweet.

This owl is the best toy we have ever bought for him.

Jack gave us Willow Tree figurines

We stayed in town for Parkway's Christmas Eve service this year so Jack could hold his title as youngest baby.  The youngest baby is held by Jim while he reads the Christmas story to the children of the church.  In true Jack fashion, he cried halfway through and broke Jim's 20something year no-cry streak. Already feels the need to do something to stand out!ha

Christmas Eve and our only time to see Uncle Jonathan

Christmas morning at Mom's

Jack's stocking

Jack loved Caroline's new pillow pet (he has his own from Grandad John and Nana)

An amazing toy from Grandma Amy

Exersaucer from Great Aunt Brenda and Great Uncle Bubba!!
And Christmas outfit #3

Great Grandma Catherine

Great Uncle Keith

Great Aunt Duffy

Bubba and Brenda

Great Aunt Loura

Great Uncle Fuzzy and cousin Catherine (who has made Jack famous at Trinity University)

Great Grandma Betty shows Jack all of her fun Christmas stuff. And believe me there's A LOT of it!

Daddy Bob

Jack meets Missy 2

Great Aunt Becky

Auntie Tanine

December 26
Road trip to Nashville to meet all of his Kentucky cousins!

aunt mamie

John and Eli (born July 8, 2011)

Sarah and Isaac (Eli's mommy and big bro)

Stephanie and Jack

Jack and Great Uncle Cletus (Isaac, Eli, and Anna Katherine's Granddad)

Eli and Jack

John and Isaac still love each other!

always singing commercial jingles to jack -"take me to your best friends house"

This was an impromptu photo shoot with all the babies, and I didn't have my camera! Plus, I thought we were going to do this again later when they were all happier. I had to scrounge for all these pics!

probably the best...
Eli (born July 8), Will (born September 10), Anna Katherine (born May 12), Jack (born August 1)

the baby race

Amy and Tony with all the babies

Opryland Hotel


 Poppy was teaching Jack words like "conservatory" as we walked through the hotel

December 27- saying goodbye and heading back to Huntsville

Great Uncle Bob (Poppy's brother)

Snuggling with Great Aunt Jenny

Great Aunt Kathy 

Anna Katherine

Cletus and Anna Marie with Anna Katherine


Mary and Brooke

John and Eli

Eli and Krista
Eli shows Jack some love

Brooke was such a sweetie

little munchkin face

once we got back to town, we met up with the Chambers!
 Aunt Katie:)

December 28

First trip to Rosie's

Jack will soon learn that no trip to Huntsville is complete without a dinner at Rosie's

Grandkid pic at Grandma Catherine's house

loves cousin Catherine:)

December 29
Melony, Sam, and Mrs. Clemons came over for brunch. We had so much fun sharing baby stories and catching up- look forward to more playdates on our huntsville trips in the future!
We're sad to say that our thoughts and prayers are still with Melony and Sam as Mrs. Clemons passed away much too soon.

December 31 - saying goodbye to everyone in Huntsville and heading back to ATL 
sorry caroline, but this is the only pic I have of you and John from the week!

uncle michael

Go Cats! 

we'll end with Jack's first piano lesson....

a good "note" to end on

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