Tuesday, November 15, 2011

September with Jack

September 1
One month!

More visits from daddy on his lunch break.  As you can tell, this was a long night for jack as we were still in bed!

finally got him in the moby wrap

after work naps

 September 2
Labor Day Weekend
Aunt Mamie came to visit from San Diego

September 3
Ready for his first game day! roll tide roll.

September 4
we love when he makes this face

caught a sneeze!

One of Jack's cutest faces. 

Daddy had to go to Memphis to be in his good friend Scott's wedding.  We missed him lots! Pretty sure he missed us more, though.

It was so fun to have Aunt Mamie here.  Not only did she shower Jack with love and attention, but she pretty much cleaned our house from top to bottom.  Pretty sure that hasn't been done since we moved in. ha! I blame it on being pregnant and having a new baby:) 

September 5
5 weeks

September 6

trying to capture the cute cry.  bwaaaa!

September 7

official 1 month pics on September 7

1 month check up
9lbs 12 oz (42%)
22 in (55%)
Head 15 in (40%)

September 8

September 9

September 10

Jack's favorite place to sleep:)

September 11

September 12
6 weeks

September 13

Finally decided to enjoy bath time!

September 14

tummy time is so hard

caught him smiling in his sleep

September 15
visiting Dr. Gumer
Dr Gumer was so excited to see Jack and when I told him I wanted to get a picture he asked, "do I get to hold him?" Love that man!

September 16

September 18
Open the swaddle and


Story time with daddy

September 19

7 weeks - whistling and snapping his fingers

Still trying to find a bottle that he likes!

September 20
10lbs 10oz

September 21

September 22

September 23

First time on a walk that he didn't scream the whole time!

A little thumb sucking- not allowed, but cute enough for a picture:)

September 24

September 25
I bought this onesie last march, after St. Patty's day on clearance at Target.  What I did not realize (until I put it on Jack) was that it's a girl's onesie! Notice the rushing on the sleeve. haha.

so sweet at bedtime

September 26
8 weeks

September 27
 Jack started some baby babbling and loves to talk to his ladybug.

Mrs. Jan came to visit and brought us dinner.  Jack already loves her:)

September 28

September 29
our favorite gown.  he looks so good in navy.

baby doll

September 30
First trip to Huntsville.  It was a long one, and what normally takes us 3-3.5 hours took 6 hours (including leaving atlanta in friday night traffic and 2 stops to feed Jack).  The way back was only 4.5 so that was much better.  We also have to mention that Jack HATES being in his car seat.  It helped for one of us to be in the back seat with him, but there was still a lot of crying on this trip:(

2 months - October 1

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