Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November with Jack

3 months - November 1

November 2

noticing his hands

November 3

always wants something to snuggle with when he sleeps

November 4
dressed to go shopping at the dawsonville outlets and have lunch with katherine, a 5th grader at church

Auntie Tanine comes to visit again!
They loved making faces at each other

November 5
we had jack's 3 month session this morning with our amazing photographer, Elizabeth Blank
Jack really made her work for it!

November 6

November 7

14 weeks

Loves to visit Mrs. Janelle

November 9

November 9
Mrs. Libby brought Jack this UA elephant from a recruiting weekend.  He loves it!

November 11

November 12 - first time in the bumbo!

Touchdown Alabama!

What is on this diaper? lol.

November 13 - matchies!

A pic of Aunt Caroline and her beau, John

Uncle Scott came all the way to Atlanta from Memphis for a big Med school exam and came to see us and have dinner.  We went to Twisted Taco for the first time. Yum! You must have their Twisted Queso. It's amazing.

November 14

15 weeks

November 16

Loves his new elephant pacifier

November 17
bundled up to go to craft and chat with the church ladies

Loves to smile at himself in the mirror

November 18

November 19
Story time with daddy

November 20
Jack's first church potluck

Jack's first friend, Cole

November 21

16 weeks

November 22

November 23

November 24
Jack's first thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving outfit #2

November 25

November 26
Jack's first Iron Bowl
Gran and Grandmommy Amy babysat so John and I could go down to the Fox for String Cheese!

November 27

had to try out the bonnet:)

November 28

finding those piggies!

November 29

17 weeks
time for a nekkie picture with doggie

also 17 weeks

November 30

Daddy loves to sing commercial jingles to Jack.  haha.  J loves it
"Take me to your best friend's house" (apple)
"Let's have a real good time" (pit bull- I think it's a Sprite commercial?)

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Amy Penny said...

I love seeing all of Jack's outfits that I didn't get to see in person :)