Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catching up - first days at home

Saturday, August 6
Baby sign from Parkway.  
Before I started working at Parkway, I was in Huntsville one weekend and an area church had placed a sign like this in the yard of a home in our neighborhood.  I loved it and knew this had to be part of my ministry to families.  My friend Lynda made it happen!
While we were still in the hospital, our friend Amy and her boys delivered the sign to our yard:)

All we did was stare at this sweet little angel.  For weeks I couldn't look at him without crying because I felt so overwhelmed with love for him (in addition to the post partum hormones!).  
Jack's Grandmommy Amy (I vote that he calls her mimi- fits well with Amy) stayed to help and cook meals for us for a few days so we could take care of him.  It was great because I was still in a lot of pain and wasn't allowed to carry him up and down the stairs.  She stayed for a few days and then went back to Huntsville since John was off work for the week.  Then she came back when he had to start working again- we decided that we needed her more when he would be gone all day.

Jack's first ice cream cake! His daddy's very favorite thing:)

Sunday, August 7
Getting dressed.  LOVE the gowns- our absolute favorite thing for him to wear.

a gift from aunt mamie:)

proud poppy

Gran and Poppy
They went back to Huntsville on Wednesday, but couldn't stay away and came back again for the weekend:)

Monday, August 8

1 week old - August 8
Starting a tradition of weekly growth pics... I just snap away and hope there's a good one!  

1st visit to the pediatrician - Monday, August 8
It only took us 2 and a half hours to get ready to leave the house. ha.
7lbs 2oz - almost back to birth weight (ahead of schedule)

We're already so happy with our choice to see Dr. Harbaugh.  He's always running way behind schedule but it's worth it to us to see him.  We found him by recommendation from a good friend who has a daughter with a severe peanut allergy- we knew she would have chosen a great doctor.  Since deciding on Dr. H, we learned that a friend from church whose daughter was born without a chamber of her heart is also one of his patients.  On top of all that he's already so good with Jack (and us-answers our millions of questions without making us feel rushed!).  We're very happy with our choice!

Jack and Dr. Harbaugh - he reminded us during this picture that we have to do this with the next kid(s) too.

Tuesday - 1st bath at home.  Hated it!

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Amy Penny said...

Yay for ice cream cake :)
My ped now takes a pic with the new babies & parents to send to the obgyn. It's sweet, but something Cole has that we didn't do for Nate, haha!
And I love those cute plaid elephant overalls! Sweet Jack.