Thursday, September 15, 2011

August with Jack

more visitors and more fun (and sleepless nights) with our tiny baby

August 10
Dr. King came to visit as soon as he could after returning from South Africa

August 11

August 12
Auntie Tanine flew down from DC to meet Jack

Great Grandma Catherine

August 13

August 15
2 weeks
Jenni and Kelly came to visit

2 week doggie pic

Flowers from Jack:)

August 16
Carla and Carlton came to visit and brought us some AMAZING chicken enchiladas

Daddy had to go back to work:( but comes home every day at lunch for snuggles with Jack

August 18
Grandma Amy had to get Jack a Mickey outfit

After work naptime

trying to get Jack's handprints- must have taken a million tries
 was not happy about it at all, if he could have crawled away, he would have be outta there!

August 19 
Marie and Lynda came to visit and brought yummy baked ziti, salad, bread, and dessert!

August 20
In honor of Uncle Michael's move in day to the University of Alabama, Jack dressed in his big al sleeper

Tiny hands

August 22

3 week pic with doggie

August 23
LOVES his swing

a smile?

August 24

getting kisses from piper

HATES bath time

but somehow found his thumb and calmed himself down - it was so cute

August 29

4 week pic with doggie

 Trying a bottle of pumped milk for the first time.  He hated it and choked the whole way through.  We later figured out that the nipple on this bottle was torn, but even after trying one that wasn't, he still hated it.

August 30
Forced myself to put makeup on so I could have some pics with my baby that I like!


tummy time

August 31
Can't believe a month has gone by...

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