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Catching up - hospital

     Having a newborn (and a high maintenance one at that) has made blogging about him almost impossible! I have been keeping a journal, but even that is inconsistent.  I'm really trying to record as much as I can because John's mom kept a journal for his first year and it is the sweetest thing ever.  So far, I'm still writing about the hospital and jotting daily notes here and there.  Even if we can't write about everything, I think having as much as we can is better than nothing at all.
     For all of our family and friends that haven't gotten to visit us, I'll do as much catching up as I can.  Starting with the hospital:

     We checked in on Sunday night around 7pm.  My induction started with cervadil that night, but on Monday morning when the nurse woke me up at 5am to start pitocin, she told me that the cervadil hadn't done anything to progress my labor.  At 6am they started pitocin and I got an epidural around 11, after I couldn't handle the contractions.  The only reason that was so late was because I had a nurse that told me I'd have to be in active labor before I could get an epidural -even though sweet Dr. Gumer said I could have it whenever I wanted it.  If I had waited for active labor, I would have never gotten an epidural!  I tried to hold out but ended up just waiting until I got a new nurse:).
     By 8pm Monday night, I had only dilated to 4cm so Dr. Gumer told us we'd have to do a c section.  That last time he checked me at 8, he told us that couldn't even feel Jack's head.  I was really disappointed about the news of a c section, but he had already prepared us for that outcome and thought it would be the end result even if we had waited until the next week.
     Most women (especially with their first baby) start effacing and dilating 3 to 4 weeks before their due date and their baby drops around that time, too.  Dr. Gumer thought that this didn't happen for me because of a combination of Jack's size (which didn't end up being as big as he thought, yay!) and the size of my pelvic bone- he was too big to fit.  I've since heard that it could also be because of the way my uterus is tilted.  We'll never know the real reason, but all that matters is that Jack got here perfectly safe and healthy.  I was only worried about a c section for selfish reasons... a scar (which you can barely see), and recovery time which was a good 6 weeks (but I really think staying in shape during my pregnancy helped with this- the nurse was shocked that I got out of bed the day after surgery without her help and without any tears!).  Neither of those things ended up being as bad as I thought and thankfully we had lots of good help from jack's grandmothers and are still getting good meals from our friends that are allowing me to rest and take care of baby.  Next time I'll be able to schedule my c section and not have to first go through 24 hours of almost no sleep and 14 hours of labor, so maybe recovery will be easier?  We'll see.

In our L&D room, just before going to surgery.

Jack is here!  APGAR scores of 8 & 9.

Exactly what his face looked like when Dr. Gumer held him over the sheet and said "look at this kid!"

Meeting jack- instant love. The most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

Our first family picture.  Never knew we could love someone so much.  Everyone tells you how powerful it will be but you just can't fathom it until you're actually there, meeting your baby for the first time.

He came out with a little bit of a cone head, so we said that he must have moved down, decided that was not a good way out, and then floated back up.
7lbs 4oz

   One of our first pictures of Jack...this was in the recovery room after his bath, he ate for the first time, and right before we went up to our post partum room.
less than a day old...august 2

All the family visitors finally got to hold him on Tuesday.  We didn't make it up to our post partum room until almost midnight on Monday so they just came to look at him and check on us really quickly and then left so we could all get some rest.

Great Grandma Catherine

Grandmommy Amy

Uncle Michael

Grandad John


Great Grandma Betty


more from Jack's first day

friends came to visit!
So sad that we didn't get pictures of everyone -Jenni, Linda, Faith, and Donna all came to meet Jack.



Jack's 2nd day
Clare and Dr. Allen


Thursday, August 4
Matching hospital bracelets.  Jack always had to be with John or me or one of the hospital staff.  Each time a nurse took him out of the room and brought him back, she would check to make sure our bracelets matched.

Spoon feeding colostrum/breastmilk- the only stressful thing that happened at the hospital.  Frustrating because it wasn't something that we really needed to be worried about to begin with.  As our pediatrician told us, we learned a good lesson- take everyone's opinion and then do what you really want to do. We wish we had called him when all of this started! 
It's a long story that I can tell you about if you really want to hear it!  

Trying to get a family pic. ha. Jack's screaming and I'm swollen from all the fluids they pump into you!  but John looks good! 

skin to skin time.  So good for baby and so fun.  We spent the majority of our time in the hospital just like this:)


our room

Diaper wreath made by Rebecca Dean from Jack's baby shower in Huntsville.

We went home on Friday, August 5th.  I didn't think I'd be ready to leave because I was so exhausted, but by the time Friday rolled around, we were all ready to be home.
Testing out the car seat.

The ride home

Finally made it home at 9pm that night.

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