Monday, July 25, 2011

baby bump

I think 27 weeks was the last picture I posted.  Here's the progress since then...

28 weeks - May 13

 30 weeks - May 27

June 7th after Gran's funeral with Johns cousins.  We wanted to have Steph in here post pregnancy with Anna Katherine (born May 12), but Anna Katherine was at her grandmother's house when we took this pic.
Sarah - 34 weeks, me - 31 weeks, Carrie - 25 weeks

33 weeks - June 17

34 weeks - June 24

35 weeks - July 1

36 weeks - July 8

37 weeks - July 15 (our 5 year anniversary!)

38 weeks - July 22

Hard to believe that it's almost time for our baby boy to be here!  We've got everything ready for him except the changing table which was backordered until July 28th and will be here some time after that.
Medical updates:
My "stupid placenta" became smart and moved like it was supposed to - so no issues there.
At my visit with Dr. Gumer last week, he told me that I have "a nice size kid in there" and he wants me to have an ultrasound.  He wouldn't tell me how nice sized he is, so I'm guessing he didn't want to say until he knows for sure.  Our ultrasound is Wednesday and then I see the Dr. on Thursday morning.  I'm anxious and ready for Thursday to be here because I want to know what, if anything, this means.  We're using the same Dr. that delivered 3 of my friends children (Jenni's Savannah and Kelly, and Amy's Colin), and they have raved about him for the last 4 years that I've known them.  I know we're in excellent hands no matter what happens!

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agcoats said...

Rebecca, you have done such a good job of getting baby bump pics! I can't believe you are 38 weeks already and that my little guy is already here. Time flies! Can't wait to see pics of baby Jack! We will be praying for you! Love you guys!