Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 28 weeks Jack:)

Thanks to my "stupid" placenta (our prenatal specialist Dr. Stone's term) we're still seeing this doctor every 4 weeks.  At our 24 week visit, we were under the impression that it had moved enough and I would just come back once more to make sure.  However, at this 28 week visit, we learned that it had only moved to 1.5cm at 24 weeks, needs to move a total of 3cm, but didn't move any more between 24 and 28 weeks.  We are not totally in the clear like we thought we were.  The good part is that there aren't any major health concerns for the baby or me, and the worst case scenario means a c-section -although Dr. Stone did say no more running:(.

What we love about these visits is that we get to see our cute baby every month.  
Jack now weighs 2.5lbs, which is right at the 50th percentile.  He's head down and the ultrasound tech kept describing him as "very active."
The bottom right picture of the first page shows where, it looked like, he was trying to get his thumb in his mouth. 

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Amy Penny said...

Aw, didn't know you had a "stupid" placenta. That will make some good content for the baby book. I'll be honest and say that I'd love to know when Mr. Jack is going to make his appearance and a scheduled c would def take care of that :-) Really thankful though for technology that can aid in situations like these for a healthy delivery for you & Jack!