Saturday, April 2, 2011

Over halfway there!

We're now at 22 weeks out of 39! 

As of two weeks ago, we completely moved into our house and are now overwhelmed by all the unpacking and work that needs to be done.  So far, our bedroom is the only room that's now decorated the way we want it (I'll post pictures and soon as we get curtains hung).  Everything else will just take time.  I'm trying to have patience!

In the craziness of moving, we forgot to take a 20 week pic, but Jack got his 20 week picture made:)

 21 weeks-March 25:

Jack is already being showered with so many gifts!  My dad and stepmom sent this package for him:) 

I found the paci clip hidden under everything as I packed it back up...this was John's favorite part of the loot.

22 weeks - April 2:

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