Saturday, March 12, 2011

New pics and Dinner Set

We've been busy the last couple weeks organizing and packing to make the move to our new house!  We officially closed on March 7th and had the best time going to the house that day when it was officially OURS.  We're more than ready to be moved in and settled, but we're taking the next two weeks to slowly move in, doing the majority next weekend.  Right now making trips to move easy things like clothes and doing a little painting before the furniture is in the way.  My good friend Jenni came over Friday to help me paint our master bedroom - we figured that it will be almost impossible to move that furniture once its in.  The room looks great and we'll post pics once we have it set up.

My new pics...
18 weeks
19 weeks

Found this dinner set for Jack and not only does it have elephants, but it matches our everyday china perfectly!

Our everyday china, Kate Spade Rutherford Circle and Belle Park: 


Amy Penny said...

I *almost* sent you a link to that dinner set, but didn't want to push my shopaholic ways on you ;-) That's so cool that it matches your dishes! I love zulily!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness. I just found your blog. I'm adding it to my google reader. I'm "slowly" getting back into blogworld. A little hard with too munchkins now. :) You look great! I know you both are so excited!!

Natalie said...

See...I can't even type correctly. I didn't mean "too" but "two". Sheesh!