Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby O

Some major changes have been in the works for us. Maybe with all this excitement I'll want to update more! I'll definitely have enough material. And with all of our family being far away, we'll want to keep them more in the loop, too.

Change #1: Baby O is on the way! Due on August 5th. As of yesterday, I'm 16 weeks along. 4 months have already gone by so quickly. However, since baby is a surprise (a good one!) and I haven't had any sickness, I didn't even know that I was pregnant for the first 7 weeks.  But, I have heard that the whole 9 months flies by anyway.

The first ultrasound at 11.5 weeks.  The tech told us that it looks like a boy.

13 weeks.  We had a nuchal translucency with the perinatal specialist- this is a test for down syndrome, Trisomy 13 & Trisomy 18 that they used to only do for women over 35.  Now the American College of OBGYNs recommends that everyone have this screening because they were only finding 1 in 5 down syndrome babies.  We did find out that our baby is perfectly healthy.  Once again, they said it looked like a boy but still wouldn't guarantee it until the next visit (16 weeks).

16 weeks.  It's a boy!  

We've had names in mind for a while now- we were just waiting to find out the gender to make it official.
Baby O #1 will be John William Orton, Jr. and called Jack.  John and I both love the idea of carrying on a family name and we both love the name Jack so it works out perfectly that Jack is a nickname for John.  John is also very excited about becoming John William Orton, Sr.

Now that we know the gender and have given him a name, things have gotten a whole lot more exciting!    I went to Phipps yesterday after my appointment and bought some super cute baby clothes:)  Who knew there were so many cute baby boy clothes??

Change #2:  We're buying a house!  Scheduled to close on March 4.  We can't wait to get in and get settled.  Right now we're discussing wallpaper removal and painting:)

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Amy Penny said...

Yay, Jack! Cute outfits too :-)