Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Story of Us

This is going to be like one of those recaps from LOST (our favorite show, btw)...

Rebecca grew up in Huntsville, Alabama

with sister Caroline

and little brother, Michael...

The most recent picture of us (July 2010 @ Sara's Wedding)

John was born in Winston-Salem, NC, lived in Bowling Green, KY for a few years, but spent most of his growing years outside of DC in Vienna, VA

our favorite pic from John's growing up years

We don't have any pics of John's sister, Mary, as a kid, but here's the most recent pic of her, Billy, and Jane (Gulf Shores, May 2010)

In 1997, John's family moved from Northern Virginia to Huntsville, Alabama

John's dad was called to be the Minister of Music at First Baptist Church

John immediately joined our group of friends

but Rebecca was too involved in dance to really notice John

Then, in 1999 we sat next to each other on the bus on our way to Spring Break camp

And went to each other's prom

And that's how we started dating!

Then came college in 2000...
Rebecca went to Baylor

and John went to Samford

but Bec came home often and decided to transfer to Samford after freshman year. We had lots of good times at Samford and made life long friends (also during that time we took a "break" from dating each other for about a year). Here are some highlights....

Pi Kapp Southern Gents

Daniel's Barmitzvah

Dance Team

2002 Rush

Bid Day

ZTA Pledge Bash
John and his roommates Junior year

Step Sing 2003 - We won!

Pi Kapp formal at the Opryland Hotel

ZTA formal in Atlanta at The Georgian Terrace
Pi Kapp Barn Bash

We came to Atlanta to see Trey Anastasio at The Tabernacle (we obviously didn't know much about ATL since we're at Underground in this picture!)

ZTA Sisterhood Retreat


After we graduated in 2004, John moved back to Huntsville to start work and Bec moved to Atlanta to begin seminary at McAfee School of Theology
We burned up the road between Huntsville and Atlanta every weekend!

In November of 2006 (the day after the Alabama/LSU game) John proposed!

The Story (This is what John emailed to everyone the day after our engagement)
I had my Dad “ask Rebecca and I to read scripture” in this past Sunday’s worship service, due to a “cancellation” he’d had from another couple in the church. Rebecca and I were out Saturday night when my Dad called to “let us know about the cancellation.” I filled Rebecca in on “what had happened with the cancellation” and that Dad wanted us to do it, because it was pretty late the night before he needed someone. She was happy to help, given the circumstances. She was excited about doing it, even. My oscar/emmy-winning abilities came in extremely handy in setting this stage…and being convincing in doing it. Well, I was able to keep a straight face and Rebecca sincerely believed the whole thing and was looking forward to getting to read scripture w/ me the next morning.
I now divert briefly to help explain the full picture of WHY I did what I did. Bottom line….Rebecca and I have been dating a LONG time and have had some (multiple) serious talks about weddings, when we would be able to do it, etc. (as a lot of you know). And I think it’s safe to say that anyone who knows us knows that getting engaged was just around the corner. Very Imminent!! In fact, I could barely go a week without someone asking (….pressuring) me about proposing. Well…..this creates problems when you’re going for the surprise element. Rebecca was expecting my proposal at any time. And each weekend that went by just made the chances of it happening the next weekend that much greater. I’ll put it this way, she had been expecting (not just hoping for…..actually expecting) a proposal the previous two weekends. She told me. So, the essence of my proposal idea (the true surprise that every female wants w/ an engagement, but few get) was becoming more and more problematic every day and weekend that went by. I didn’t see how it would even be possible to surprise her, now. Enter “Sunday Morning Proposal Idea.” I mean, who proposes on Sunday morning at 7:45 am, anyway?!?
So, back to the story…….I picked Rebecca up on the way to church the next morning. When we got to church (around 7:45 am), we went into the sanctuary for the “sound check” and…..of course…..found no one there. I told Rebecca to just sit down while I went to find out where everyone was (My Dad, Jack “the sound guy”, etc.). I returned a minute or two later and had our “readings” for the worship service in a manilla envelope. I sat down next to Rebecca on the front-center pew, handed her the envelope and told her that it was what we were reading today. When Rebecca looked inside the envelope to pull the “papers” out, all she found inside was The Ring. There was about as much shock & excitement on her face at that moment as I’ve ever seen from her. She was literally speechless. And after a few deeply heartfelt (and nervous) ad-lib remarks about “us” and our future life together, I asked her be my wife……
A surprise to you all I’m sure…….She said “YES” !!!! At that point, my parents (doing sanctuary door bouncer duties) and a few others came in to congratulate us.
After the commotion died down a bit, I took Rebecca out for coffee. We had a lot to talk about (w/out a million people around asking questions)!
After coffee, we went back to the church just in time to catch all of our friends going in to the worship service we were supposed to be reading scripture for. We had gone to share the news w/ everyone, but as it turns out, word had spread faster than we expected and a lot of people already knew. It was great getting to share our excitement w/ friends & family, and Rebecca was ecstatic. Not too often do couples get to see so many people so close-to-them (or display ‘new jewelry’) to that many people right in the midst of that floating excitement of the actual “day-of.” So that was great!
As the commotion started to file into the sanctuary for the service, Rebecca and I headed off to brunch (way too much energy & excitement to sit through church for an hour!!) and spent the rest of the day together. Everything fell into place exactly the way I wanted (…better than I expected, actually…) and the rest is history. Needless to say, it was very much one of the best days of our lives.

This was RIGHT after John proposed
July 15, 2006 - Our Wedding

And now, a few highlights from our first 4 years of marriage...

she loves to sunbathe at her Aunt Angie's pool in the bikini that her Aunt Mary gave her:)

She also says, "Roll Tide!" and loves to wear her houndstooth collar

While in seminary, Bec worked at Smoke Rise Baptist Church.
This was one of my favorite classes - Kindergarten Missions

McAfee Graduation - May 2007

After graduation Bec began working at Parkway Baptist Church in Johns Creek, GA

August 2007 - Caroline graduates from Troy University!

September 2007 - Our first Falcons game!
We got tickets in the Club Level and now we're spoiled

Christmas 2007 in Greenville, KY

New Year's 2007-08 - New York City!
Here, we were at Brother Jimmy's watching the Alabama bowl game

April 2008 - Country Music Half Marathon
Bec ran her current PR - 1:59:18

May 2008 - Asheville, NC @ The Grove Park Inn
Asheville is one of our favorite weekend getaway spots

June 2008 - moe.

June 26, 2008 - Grandma Catherine turns 80 and we threw her a huge party!

July 2008 - Braves with Gaultney

August 2008 - Our vacation out west
San Diego, Long Beach, Venice Beach, LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Pheonix

The Dam Picture of the whole dam group

August 31, 2008 - Clemson/Alabama @ the Georgia Dome

November 2008 - Mississippi State vs. Bama

November 2008 - Caroline comes home from Spain

Thanksgiving Day 2008 Atlanta Half Marathon

April 2009 - Christina and John Michael's Wedding!

May 2009 - San Francisco


July 2009
We decided to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary at the Braves game!

Trunk or Treat 2009

November 2009 - NYC Marathon!

We should so be on broadway

May 2010 - Orange Beach, AL

July 3 & 4, 2010 - Phish (John's fav) @ Verizon Amphitheater

July 16-17, 2010
Sara's Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Reception

and in closing, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!


Aimee said...

Becca!!! I just loved reading your "recap" of your years with John!! Good times :)

Sarah Coats said...

I loved reading this too, especially the proposal story! I also enjoyed all the pics! So many great pics....the Dr. Seuss has to be one of my favs!